RSA House Chandeliers by Troika

RSA House chandeliers by Troika

These chandeliers by London designers use large fresnel lenses to shape the light from LEDs suspended below them into overlapping geometric patterns on the ceiling of the ' headquarters in London.

RSA House Chandeliers by Troika

爱博体育官网The two chandeliers form part of a refurbishment project by , due for completion this summer.

RSA House chandeliers by Troika

爱博体育官网Corian rings frame the lenses, suspended above the polished brass cradles that each contain eight high-power LEDs.

RSA House chandeliers by Troika

Troika's studio is on Laburnum Street in Hackney and Matthew Lloyd Architects are on Kingsland Road. Check out our showcase of design from the borough here.

RSA House chandeliers by Troika

Other projects by Troika on Dezeen include installations at the UK pavilion designed by Thomas Heatherwick for the Shanghai Expo in 2010 and a computer application that makes your desktop icons roll around as if affected by gravity.

爱博体育官网Here's some more information from Troika:

After winning the competition organised in December 2011, Troika was invited by the Royal Society of Arts to create two lighting features for their London HQ to act as key components of the architectural refurbishment scheme designed by Matthew Lloyd Architects and set to be unveiled in June 2012.

Troika's proposal builds on their fascination for optical phenomena, taking inspiration in the work of early Enlightenment scientists to create chandeliers which decorative elements are derived from manipulating the very substance of the light itself. The principles at work in both chandeliers, namely the diffraction and controlled scattering of the light, is reminiscent of the early experiments of Sir Isaac Newton and the later Augustin Fresnel, while signifying a quest for deeper understanding which found a natural resonance with the values and legacy of the Royal Society of Arts, founded in 1754.

The chandeliers use large fresnel lenses to shape the light generated by high power LEDs into colourful geometrical patterns projected onto the ceiling, thus contributing compelling decorative elements to the surrounding spaces while providing the necessary illumination levels.

The Grand Staircase chandelier is comprised of a large 1.2m diameter fresnel lens, rimmed by a white Corian ring, and suspended in front of a polished brass cradle housing 8 high power LEDs. As the white light generated by the LEDs passes through the lens, a pattern of 8 colourful rings is created, adorning the ceiling with a unique crystalline rose.

While reflecting the RSA's commitment to 21st century enlightenment, the two chandeliers inscribe themselves in continuation to Troika's work with light and optics, following Troika's installation 'Falling Light' for Swarovski Crystal Palace first shown at Design Miami in December 2010, and 'Light Rain', 2010, for the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

Troika, Chandelier, RSA House, Grand Staircase
Brass-plated aluminium, Corian, glass, fresnel lens, custom electronics
爱博体育官网 1.4 m (DIA) x 2.9 m (H)


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