.  Faculty at the School of Pharmacy specifically developed many of the new courses within the minor to help better prepare undergraduates focused on pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine and other health-related professions.  Students in the Trojan Admission Pre-Pharmacy (TAP) programhg体育官网 are strongly encouraged to pursue this minor as part of their undergraduate training, or at minimum, take several of the new pharmacy-related courses as part of their overall undergraduate experience.

This new minor provides preparatory training to undergraduate students in fields related to pharmacy and medicine. will also introduce undergraduate students to drug and device development by presenting topics and case studies related to the regulatory challenges associated with the discovery and development of biomedical products. Overall, the courses will provide foundational knowledge that will lead to new opportunities in careers in the biomedical industry, life sciences, nutrition and food sciences, diagnostics, drug and medical devices. .

For more information, please contact Randa Issa, Daryl Davies or Brittany Goodwell.